Why we started Sunny Coast Made

We are a local family living in the leafy hinterland of the Sunshine Coast. We have always been passionate about localisation, community and connectedness.

Like so many, this year has amplified the importance of supporting local for us. When lockdown came into effect we found ourselves concerned with how small businesses were being affected. With markets postponed or cancelled and strict social distancing guidelines in place, we couldn’t help but wonder what the future held for local makers.

We began to change the way we thought when making everyday purchasing decisions, and to consider whether we could buy what we needed from someone who made it locally. When we started to research, we were blown away by the sheer number of incredible products that are made right here in our own backyard. However supporting these businesses wasn’t simple because they weren’t easy to find.

That’s when I realised there was a need for an uncomplicated way to make these products accessible to people looking to support Sunshine Coast businesses.

There is an incredible amount of talent here on the Sunshine Coast and with a background in e-commerce and digital marketing, I envisioned a space where local makers could showcase their work and the community could discover them.

Sunny Coast Made was created to bring the Sunshine Coast community together, to champion our network of small businesses and to make finding their unique creations effortless for customers.

We are so excited to bring this vision to life and share what our talented pool of local makers has to offer through our beautiful online space, Sunny Coast Made.


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