Meraki Superfoods

Experts in Moringa, nourishment with the powers of plants

We believe in creating, natural, nourishing products from the power of Moringa.

Our main goal is to provide superfoods for the inside and out. Nutrient dense, best quality, 100% pure ingredients sourced sustainably.

All our products are created and packaged with minimal impact on the environment and eco-friendly packaging.

We source direct from a local farm in south India, Native to the moringa plant. We blend with love, soul and ethics here on the sunshine coast before packaging in home compostable or glass packaging. All our products are free of nasties, additives, Preservatives, Gluten free, Vegan and 100% plant based.

Pure goodness and nourishment so you can feel your very best and look amazing.

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We utilise so many parts of the Moringa Tree in our blends and skincare, this tree excels on so many levels yet is still very unknown in western countries. Amongst Superfoods, Moringa performs streets ahead gram for gram than any other superfood, move over Spirulina. Our mission is to make a potent tasting plant, taste nice and accessible to many, to transform as many people’s health as possible.

Our bodies love natural sources for vitamins and nutrients. When our bodies get access to these natural resources, absorption is easier and more complete than from artificial sources. Moringa is able to deliver real results thanks to this natural connection. Its leaves, seeds, and fruit are densely packed with wholesome, natural health aids.

We do both food and skincare.. Why?
Because health is holistic, so to be truly healthy it needs to exist on all axes, from what we put on our skin to what we digest finally how we then dispose of our wrappers and the impact on the earth.

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IGA Wises Road, Maroochydore
IGA Maud Street, Maroochydore

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