Meet the Maker, Hannah from Salt Trading Co

With beachy vibes and an eco-conscious approach, Hannah from Salt Trading Co creates her stunning range of handmade soy candles and scents with a passion forged from a love of the ocean. In our very first Meet The Maker Hannah demonstrates why ‘purchasing with purpose’ should be more than a movement, sharing the story behind this remarkable brand, her creation process and the visceral reason she pours her heart and soul into creating quality products you can adore for years to come.

Hannah Martin Salt Trading Co

Can you share the story behind Salt Trading Co. Where did it all begin?

I actually took over this business from a friend a few years ago, it started out as Wild Gypsea Collective, I loved it so much but I felt I needed a name that aligned with me more and so I began to transition into Salt Trading Co. My love and inspiration for the ocean suits this perfectly.

What did you do before, and what encouraged you to take the leap into launching your own creative endeavour?

Before I started candles I was doing macrame over at @SaltyHangs it started out as a hobby to fill in my creative void while my newborn was sleeping, fast forward a few years and it bloomed into a super successful business.

I’m really drawn to your beautiful crystal candles. Where did the inspiration for these come from?

I really love crystals, they have major healing and nourishing properties and using them alongside candles, I believe they really invigorate, heal and protect. Inspiration really came from intuition.

salt trading co crystal candles

Do you have a favourite candle and scent?

I think my most favourite scent would have to be, Sun Temple, its so earthy and different, I love it.

What is involved in the making process?

Sourcing is a huge part of the making process, sourcing out the most natural wax I can. Then really its imagination, what scents work with what ect. Melting, setting.

Hannah Martin Salt Trading CoHannah Martin Salt Trading Co

I know you are passionate about sustainability and the natural environment. What makes your candles environmentally friendly, and how do they compare to conventionally made candles?

I love getting asked this question, I could talk about this all day, did you know that most cotton wicks you find on the market are coated in lead?! Did you also know that most candles on the market are made with a paraffin wax, paraffin is a crude oil derived from petroleum, it is filled with toxic chemicals and carcinogens, the same toxic chemicals and carcinogens found in diesel fumes, and are linked to asthma and lung cancer. Gross right. Did you also know that Australia has NO standard for candle making, meaning that companies are making these types of candles all day long and there is no accountability. We searched far and wide, researched long and hard and found the most chemical free, carcinogen free, bio degradable, eco soy wax we could find. Its so beautiful. Our wicks are sustainably sourced wooden wicks, completely chemical free, its literally just timber. We aren’t legally required to be accountable but your damn sure we are morally accountable. If you’re buying a candle that costs $10, its absolutely filled with chemicals. I could go on, haha but we would be here all day.

Has 2020 had any impact on your business, good or bad and have you had to adapt?

Yes definitely, good and bad. ‘Bad’ because down the supply chain there’s issues with getting stock in, so it means I’ve had issues with sourcing some of my materials. ‘Good’ because a lot more people are supporting small everyday, and keeping me busy. Makes my heart full.

What are some of the biggest challenges and achievements in your business journey so far?

I think building a house, and trying to keep up has been a huge challenge. I’m also not amazing at tech, so that’s an on going hurdle. My biggest achievements I think are the relationships I’ve formed. I’ve made some incredible friends throughout this journey. Its been so great.

Salt Trading Co Ceramic Candles

What do you love most about the Sunshine Coast, and do you have any favourite local hangout spots you frequent when you’re not working?

I love the laid back lifestyle, and coastal living. I’d never leave. We love going to Noosa Northshore and Mudjimba for swims, Cotton Tree for coffees and Mooloolaba for fish and chips!

You recently had a big move into a new house with a brand new home studio. Do you have new plans for this space, and what new things on the horizon for you?

I have HUGE plans, it’s a work in progress and I cant reveal but I’m SO excited, its going to be amazing.

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